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At Hawaiian Fresh Farms, we care about the land. From the mountain to the shore, it provides our community with everything it needs. The ancient Hawaiians knew how to tend to the ‘aina, and in doing so, they nurtured their people. This is why we decided to use the same ahupua’a system in our farming methods – to produce the best quality produce for your ohana.


Plants and animals have been thriving for millions of years. Rainfall nourishes flora and fauna alike, sun feed the plants, plants feeding the animals, and the animals fertilize the plants. Every day, we aim to recreate these conditions for natural, sustainable food.


Agroforestry is a concept that nature has practiced for millions of years; mixing a diversity of trees and plants for rich, bountiful, and sustainable flora.


A tree falls in a forrest. The bark softens, decays, and nurses seedlings to provide a rich sponge of water and nutrients. This natural process of Hügelkultur has fostered some of the strongest and healthiest plant communities for millions of years, and something that we create every day.

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